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Strip and sheet in copper and copper alloys

Coils cut to strip - brass, copper,  aluminium strip

The main applications of rolled products are lead frames for semiconductor components, connectors for telecommunication equipment and vehicle electrics, high-frequency cables, underwater cables and transformers. Rolled products are also frequently used to make decorative metal products, cutlery and musical instruments.

  • Wieland K32 : Copper (99.9 % Cu)
  • Wieland M30 : Brass (Cu 70% Zn 30 %)

High Performance Tubes

High- and low-finned tubes

The main applications for high- and low-finned tubes in the heating industry are condensing boilers, flue gas condensers, timber dryers and air heaters.

In the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry the main applications for our tubes are oil coolers, air coolers, gas coolers and process coolers.

  • GEWA-K are monometal low-finned tubes
  • GEWA-HB are high-finned bimetal tubes

Resource conservation and sustainability

Copper and brass are 100 % re-usable without any loss of quality - an advantage which certainly makes this "red gold" one of the most sustainable metals around. In fact, about 80 % of all the copper ever produced is still around today.

Recycling one ton of copper, for instance, saves as much CO as a medium sized vehicle (130mg CO/km) emits over 18.000 km!

We will recycle your copper and brass scrap from material you bought from us. Please contact us for competitive scrap prices and lets work together to make a contribution to environmental protection.

Current metal prices

Officials (Prompt) 09/20/2019
Cu (Settlement) 5,777.50 in USD/t
Zn (Settlement) 2,310.00 in USD/t
EUR (Bid) 1.10015 USD
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