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Copper - the endless metal


Today copper is established as the essential material in the traditional fields of electrical engineering, automotive components, the production of transformers, cable wrapping, heating and plumbing equipment as well as various other engineering applications.

Copper is used with other metals to produce alloys such as brass and bronze allowing to optimise designs and production technologies.

Most recently, antimicrobial copper is being vastly used in hospitals. No other material has proven more efficient in killing bacteria that cause diseases and infections. The Antimicrobial Copper brand and the Cu+ mark are being used by leading manufacturers of hospital equipment, furniture and fittings to indicate that their products contain antimicrobial copper, which is the world's most effective antimicrobial touch surface material.

Current metal prices

Officials (Prompt) 10/14/2019
Cu (Settlement) 5,718.50 in USD/t
Zn (Settlement) 2,432.00 in USD/t
EUR (Bid) 1.09975 USD
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